Let’s Do It!


Are you ready to host an Up Up! Farm festival? Here’s what you can do now:

Drop us a line so we can help you organize your festival. Email: greenhornsoffice AT gmail DOT com.

Rally together friends and allies at your school or in your community to start planning your festival. Collaboration can be crucial to a successful screening, find the right partners and tap into their strengths.

Purchase the festival through our distributor, Collective Eye.

Set up the screening:

  1. Secure a location
  2. Find an organization to help sponsor your festival and get folks in the seats!
  3. Reach out to panelists – young farmers, professors, food policy council members, etc.
  4. Feel free to print off guidebooks, stickers, pamphlets, draft press releases or other useful PDFs from our online resource catalog
  5. For those interested, we also have event kits of merchandise available on our etsy store.

Create a little buzz…

If you are serious about turnout and want to get the word beyond the list serv’s you are hitting, we suggest you get a press release off to your local newspaper, weekly magazine, or even better the local radio station.

Once you have the DVDs and confirmed event dates, send us the poster and press release and we’ll eblast it out to our lists, to our blog, and to the reporters we know near you.

Head on over to our Resources page for more tips and extra support, or email film@thegreenhorns.net.

We are grateful for your help in sharing young farmer stories far and wide!